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About Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialist Inc.

Our Mission Statement
Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialist Inc., is fully committed to its mission of attaining leadership in the manpower recruitment business thru the overseas deployment of the most qualified and competent Filipino professionals and workers.

Our Corporate Profile
Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialist Inc., is a Philippine manpower placement company duly licensed and recognized by the Department of Labor and Employment. Led by its founder and moving spirit, Ms. Christina Dela Cruz, Chartreuse entered the highly competitive labor export business in 1985.

The main rationale behind Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists Inc. has been its strong belief in the capability of the Filipino worker. Tested over many decades in different parts of the world, Filipino professionals and workers have earned the admiration and respect of foreign employers because of their excellent work performance and their inherent perseverance and dedication in their line of work or profession. There has been a continuing demand for Filipino workers because of their high level of education, excellent training, adequate skills and positive attitude towards life and work.

Since 1985, Chartreuse has sustained successful business relationship with its foreign principals in the Middle East, Japan, Kuwait, Taiwan and other countries, where the company has deployed thousands of workers.

Jobs Opening By Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialist Inc.:

1. Job Title: Aircraft Mechanic
Vacancies: 5
Location: Vietnam

  • Male
  • 30 to 55 years old.
  • Graduate of any Engineering Course.
  • Five years work experience with requirements of technicians on A320/321 0r 330.

2. Job Title: Autocad  Operator
Vacancies: 10
Location: Japan

  • Male
  • 20 to 30 years old.
  • Graduate of any Engineering Course.
  • One year work experience as Auto Cad Operator.

3. Job Title: Meat Processor
Vacancies: 10
Location: Japan

  • Female
  • 20 to 40 years old.
  • College Level (Undergraduate).
  • One year work experience.
  • Good motivation and good moral character.

4. Job Title: Metal / Die Casting
Vacancies: 10
Location: Japan

  • Male
  • 20 to 30 years old.
  • No specific requirement for education.
  • One year work experience in Metal Casting / Die Casting.

5. Job Title: Computer Technician
Vacancies: 5
Location: Quebec, Canada

  • Male
  • 20 to 40 years old.
  • College Graduate in Computer Science (DCS, ACS, DEC).
  • Two years work experience.
  • Knowledge of Operating System (XP, Vista 7).
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word (MS 2003 & 2008)
  • Knowledge of Mail System (SMTP, MOP).
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP Networks, WIFI (802.11).
  • Knowledge of French Language
  • Good in English.

Other Job Vacancies Canada:

  • COMPUTER TECHNICIAN,  5 vacancies

Other Jobs Vacancies Dominican Republic:

  • CHEF

Other Jobs Vacancies Japan:

  • AUTOCAD OPERATOR,   10 vacancies
  • MEAT PROCESSOR,   10 vacancies
  • METAL/DIE CASTING,   10 vacancies
  • PAINTER (SHIPYARD),    3 vacancies

Other Jobs Vacancies Qatar:

  • BAKER,   5 vacancies
  • NURSES,   5 vacancies

Other Jobs Vacancies USA:

  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST,    10 vacancies
  • PHYSICAL THERAPIST,   10 vacancies

Other Jobs Vacancies Vietnam:

  • AIRCRAFT MECHANIC,   5 vacancies
  • EXPAT PILOTS,   20 vacancies

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